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Video Impact [September 2019] 🇨🇾

~ Media trainings are fun 🦸🤳

🎞️ Media trainings are fun because there is a lot of practice and minimal theory.
🎞️ Learning there is the absolute responsibility of the participants.
🎞️ During 7 days of training, we created 52 videos.
🎞️ 5 of them they Social Promotional videos for non-profit organizations in Limassol, Cyprus
🎞️ All these we did with frugal production tricks (smartphones, gorillapods, lots of papertape, and any equipment and prop available)
🎞️ The pool was not destruction to the learning process but a “cool” factor to chill when the video is rendering or when your plan is not going as planned.
🎞️ Beyond everything, I truly believe that this was also a very hard test for people to challenge their way working in teams and the ways to learn how to stop themselves
🎞️ This is definitely a training concept that I want to keep developing further.

🎥 This was Video Impact training course aiming to create social impact through videomaking through 1-second-shots 🤳

📆 10-17 September 2019

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Inclusive Outdoors n2 [August 2019] 🇬🇧


~ Have a look at my latest training adventure 🤠💂‍♀️🇬🇧

🎯 Getting upgraded to business class due to the overbooked flight ✔
🎯 Outdoor Education dissemination seminar at the in the magical park of Crystal Palace in London;
🎯 Main method: Learning out of challenges;
🎯 Creating a learning assignment around London for our participants brought a new crazy project idea, for a new training concept: How to do run trainings outside of a training room;
🎯 We had the honour and privilege to be literally the last customers of the Crystal Palace. After us, it is now closed forever or a generous investor has to save it from the demolition.
🎯 I feel grateful working one more time in this concept with Ilze and this time with the one-of-a-kind kind team Petra, Elisavet, Andres & Katie.
🎯 This was the best way to start my trainings season.

🏞 This was my “Inclusive Outdoors” phase2 experience in a 1-second shots video compilation. 🏕

🏃🏻‍♂️ The trainings marathon is only starting now! 🏃🏻‍♂️

#1SEme #1secondchallenge #trainerslife #Justanotherdayintheoffice #inclusiveoutdoors #trainingcourse #outdoors #erasmusplus #unitedkingdom #abroadship #nonformaleducation #adventuretime Abroadship.org

Inclusive Outdoors n1 [June 2019] 🇬🇧


~ Have a look at my latest training adventure 🤠

🎯 Outdoor Education training course with flipped learning pyramid method;
🎯 Crazy sunsets, early sunrises, astonishing views;
🎯 Driving the biggest vehicle I’ve ever driven from the “wrong side of the road”;
🎯 Sleeping in a tent for 10 days and surviving a yellow thunderstorm in it completely dry.
🎯 Working for the 4th time with Ilze on this training concept

🏞 This was my “Inclusive Outdoors” experience in a 1-second shots video compilation. 🏕

#1SEme #1secondchallenge #trainerslife #Justanotherdayintheoffice #inclusiveoutdoors #trainingcourse #outdoors #erasmusplus #unitedkingdom #abroadship #nonformaleducation #adventuretime Abroadship.org

Start-up Hypothesis [May 2019] 🇬🇧


What happens when you bring people from different sides of Europe in a youth hostel at the Isle of Wight 🇬🇧 and you work on the hypothesis that they run a Startup?

Well, this was “Startup Hypothesis”, the latest learning program that I developed together with Cathy on behalf of Abroadship.org.

After getting on a hype using the 1-second shot video during #mySWY experience, I decided, not only to make an 1-second shots recap of this experience but also to use the 1 Second Everyday app for learning reasons.

This time I challenged groups of participants to vlog specific outdoor assignments in 1-second shots videos and the results. (find their video results on the page Abroadship.org)

If this video makes you want to get a similar experience and you are from 🇬🇷🇷🇴🇪🇸🇱🇹🇮🇹🇧🇬🇬🇧 write to me cause we are re-launching this experiment the coming November at the same place.

Website: www.mamouzakis.com

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Ship for World Youth [January – March 2019] 🇯🇵🇵🇼🇦🇺🇸🇧


This is #mySWY31 experience with 1-second ⏰ shots every day filmed 🎥 just by my phone.

These are the most significant seconds of mine between the 10th of January till the 2nd of March while I was participating on the 31st Ship for World Youth program 🚢 as the leader of the Greek delegation, experiencing the momentum of the biggest youth program on the planet. 🌏
Of course, it was very difficult to choose only one second for several days, therefore this led me on making 9 extra videos.

If you want to look back on the previous videos of #mySWY experience follow the links below:


– Tokushima


– Tokyo


– Yokohama to Okinawa


– Japan to Australia (via Palau)


– Darwin Port of Call


– Darwin to Brisbane

Part 7:

– Brisbane Port of Call

Part 8:

– Honiara, Solomon Islands Port of Call

Part 9:

– Brisbane to Athens

#SWY #SWY31 #mySWY #SWYGreece #thisisSWY #shipforworldyouth Ship for World Youth 世界青年の船 #Japan #Australia #Palau #solomonislands #1secondeveryday #onesecondeveryday #vloginseconds

New Website

It has been many years I was looking for a digital shelter that can host the spectrum of my activities while working as a promotional tool for me.

The day had come and now ladies and gentlemen I proudly welcome you in my latest achievement; the creation of my own website totally designed by me, google searches, online forums and questioning my geek friends.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 14.27.29

for my geek readers that they want more information: I used the wordpress.org, the brooklyn theme of United Themes, google search and my geek friends Vasilis Dovantzis and Panos Vakalopoulos.

Last but not least a big thanks for the people who went first through this website before I publish it and proofreaded me and thoughts.


“Life is not Tetris.
Don’t look at the errors and vanish your accomplishments.”