Video Impact [September 2019] 🇨🇾

~ Media trainings are fun 🦸🤳

🎞️ Media trainings are fun because there is a lot of practice and minimal theory.
🎞️ Learning there is the absolute responsibility of the participants.
🎞️ During 7 days of training, we created 52 videos.
🎞️ 5 of them they Social Promotional videos for non-profit organizations in Limassol, Cyprus
🎞️ All these we did with frugal production tricks (smartphones, gorillapods, lots of papertape, and any equipment and prop available)
🎞️ The pool was not destruction to the learning process but a “cool” factor to chill when the video is rendering or when your plan is not going as planned.
🎞️ Beyond everything, I truly believe that this was also a very hard test for people to challenge their way working in teams and the ways to learn how to stop themselves
🎞️ This is definitely a training concept that I want to keep developing further.

🎥 This was Video Impact training course aiming to create social impact through videomaking through 1-second-shots 🤳

📆 10-17 September 2019

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